Thursday, March 17, 2011

Feeling Lucky!

These are the precious St. Patrick's Day hats we made! So Cute!

                                              Leprechaun Clues
We had a Leprechaun come visit our room today. He left the room in a mess and green glitter everywhere! He even abducted our class pet turtle, Tom-Tom. So, we went on a Leprechaun Hunt to look for him. It was so awesome. I have posted the link for the clues. I glued the clues to a big shamrock and had the first clue delivered to our classroom. While the students and I were on our "hunt", my wonderful para, was in the room placing gold coins and cupcakes at their seats. Thankfully, Tom-Tom made it back safely- and with gold coins in his tank! What a LUCKY day it was today!

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