Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Last year I'm sad to say, I wasn't very organized. This summer, it has been my goal to be super organized for this upcoming year. Here are some pictures to see how I am getting organized. Plus, I teach in a super small space... 1/4 of a double wide... Four teachers share one building. Can you even imagine it?!

So, We all need band aids and have boo-boos from time to time. We don't need to run to the nurse for every little scrape. I found this "boo-boo basket" sign somewhere, I'll have to find where and give them credit. I turned a baby wipe bucket into the "boo-boo basket". I just cut the inside hole out. It's small enough, where you can store anywhere.

This nifty container was found at Tuesday Morning for $4.99. It holds 8 different items. So helpful! I put rubber bands, paper clips, gym clips, staples, etc. It has a pop top- so you can only pour the item out that you want! Great space saver!!

Last year, I was collecting money and I didn't know where to put it. As a new teacher, I was putting them in bags and then just putting them somewhere on my desk. NOT THIS YEAR! I made a expandable folder that has individual folders that are labeled for where money will go. The individual folders can be pulled out of the expandable folder when taken to the office, etc. Each folder is big enough for a piece of paper, to mark which student brought in money. I got the individual folders at Big Lots 2 for $1.50. I had the expandable folder. Also, I placed my receipt book in the expandable folder so I wouldn't lose it! So all money is in there. The folders that I made are: Lunch, PTO, School Pictures, Scholastic Books, Extra Money and Field Trips.

These are just a few things that I did to get organized this year! What are you doing to get organized in a small space? :)

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